Energy And Money Saving Tips For Your Home

Dated: 06/21/2018

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Beside your mortgage, your utility bill could be your next biggest expense. $800 energy bills that include water, electricity and trash removal are not uncommon during any month of the year, but the good news is that going green can save you lots of money.

Whether you live in a Cincinnati apartment where the rent prices are declining; or an expensive large family home in Kentucky, saving money is saving money. 

Let’s look at some easy ways that you can aid the environment while improving your finances.

Light Bulbs

Those old incandescent bulbs didn’t last long and also sucked power. First came compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, and next LED lighting arrived. While CFL bulbs were a great improvement over incandescent lights, the word is out that LEDs are now your best choice. For the same amount of visible light, a 60-watt incandescent would cost more than $200 over a 20-year period, a CFL would come in at over $55, and an LED would only cost you a little more than $25.

Phantom Power

No, that’s not a new superhero movie title, it’s what happens when you have lots of things with blue or green display lights plugged in around your home or apartment. Your electric toothbrush, that calculator you mom has plugged in using an adaptor, the cable box you left on and even your computer can use a significant amount of energy even when they are in a stand-by or sleep mode. If it’s plugged in and you are not using it, turn it off. The less energy you use, the less the utility has to produce, and that saves fuel--in turn helping the environment.


Of course, you know that every heating or cooling degree can cost you serious dollars, but did you know that a two-degree differential could save up to 2000 pounds in carbon dioxide emissions per year? Put on a sweater and be nice to the planet!

HVAC Filters

You’re A/C works hard enough, so don’t ask it to draw air through a totally plugged filter. If the gunk gets beyond the filter into the coil, then you’ll need to call a service tech, and he’ll have to drive over to your house while of course burning fuel. Save money and energy by changing HVAC filters monthly.

Hot Water

Did you know that by simply insulating your water heater and turning it down to 120 degrees you could save 25 to 40 percent in energy costs? Better yet, set it up with a smart timer so you are not heating water unnecessarily in the middle of the night.


If you live on the lake in Milwaukee, water is not the same issue as it is in Waco, but using less wherever you live is an environmentally friendly strategy. But instead of running to the Depot to buy a new water saving toilet, just put some rocks or a brick in the tanks of the toilets you have now; they will still flush, but will use less water.

You don’t have to make radical lifestyle changes to help the planet. You might even be recovering from mortgage rejection or fighting bad credit; but if you just follow the steps outlined above, you can be satisfied that you have done your part, and, you will save some cash.

Now that’s the best of both worlds!

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